Local Governance

Authors: Arne Svensson och Allan Rosenbaum (United Nations, 1997)
Price: 250 SEK

From the foreword of Mr Jin Yongjian, Under-Secretary-General, United Nations:
This monograph is based on and draws insights from discussions which took place at the Global Forum on Innovative Policies and Practices in Local Governance 23-27 September 1996. The Forum was organized by the United Nations. 

The Global Forum highlighted innovations in local governance from all over the world. Because of the difficulties of initiating and sustaining significant innovations, it is all the potential for their replication and sustainability. We hope that by publicizing these experiences , we shall provide incentives for more innovations at the local level. This is most assuredly a sine qua non for improved national governance.

The production of this monograph was the joint responsibility of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the United Nations Department for Development Support and Management Services (UNDDSMS). The document was produced by Professor Allan Rosenbaum, Director of the Institute for Public Management and Community Service, Florida International University and Mr. Arne Svensson, Chairperson of the Global Forum. 

We strongly believe that more imagination and innovation is needed in the world of municipal governance if we are successfully to meet the challenge of providing citizens everywhere with better life in the 21st century. The report of the Global Forum is a contribution to that endeavour.