Curriculum Vitae - Lina Lenefors

Family name: Lenefors

First names: Lina Emma Anna Karolina

Year of birth: 1979

Nationality: Swedish

Civil status: Married, two children



Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Economics                                 

Södertörns högskola, 2001 – 2004
(Södertörn University College)
Economy, Technology, Design 180 ECTS Credits
Economics 30 ECTS Credits

Stockholm University, 2004 Statistics, 30 ECTS Credits

Health Science

Lillsveds Folkhögskola, 2000-2001

Speaks Writes Reads
English Excellent Excellent Excellent
German Some Some Some
Mother tongue

Work experience:

1998 – ff  Professional Management AB 

2004-ff Management Consultant and Partner

As a management consultant and partner of Professional Management I have, mainly been working on evaluations, system-based audits organizational development and organizational assessments.

I have been Team leader and Project leader for several assignments. Among others I was Project leader for the design and implementation of the M&E system at Sida’s Civil Society Center and Manager for Professional Management’s frame agreement to carry out all the evaluations of the activities at the Center during 2005-2008. I was also Deputy Project Leader for Professional Management’s frame agreement to carry out the M&E of all Sida’s International Training Programmes 2004-2009 (600 call offs).

In addition, I have participated in more than 20 evaluations and system-based audits of Sida’s framework organizations and other partners with activities of global or regional scope, for example Save the Children, Diakonia, Forum Syd, LO-TCO Secretariat, Africa Groups of Sweden, AWEPA, Raoul Wallenberg Institute, FORUM ASIA and Civil Rights Defenders.

I have also carried out more than 50 evaluations for other Swedish National Authorities and municipalities.

Examples of assignments:

Evaluation of the Raoul Wallenberg Institute
Contract between the Sida and Professional Management.
The evaluation was carried out by Lina Lenefors & Arne Svensson, Professional Management Jan -April 2014.

The evaluation covered among others the following:

Sida’ Advanced International Training Programmes on Public Service Management 2010-2014
Contract between the Sida and Professional Management.
Sida offers, as part of its bilateral development assistance, Advanced International Training Programmes (ITP) of strategic importance to the social and economic development in the participants’ countries. During the period 2010 – 2014 Professional Management has every year carried out two 14 months Advanced International Training Programmes on Public Service Management in ten African countries and eleven Asian countries respectively with the aim to contribute to the ongoing reform process in these countries. In each Programme 25 participants have received training on theoretical and practical models on how to develop Public Services. Lina Lenefors was Programme Coordinator for the first programmes. In addition, Professional Management was contracted for an Impact Evaluation of the Programme in 2015.

Evaluation of the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency’s programme for co-operation with the Republic of Belarus in the field of environment (2014)
Contract between the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and Professional Management.
Counterfactual Impact Evaluation included desk studies, semi-structured interviews with beneficiaries, focus group discussions and debriefings in Belarus to evaluate the results of the following six projects: (1) Development of the environmental regulatory system for small and medium-sized enterprises, (2) Capacity development for the management of contaminated sites (implemented by the Swedish Geotechnical Institute), (3) Municipal waste management (implemented by University of Lund), (4) Development of legal system and implementation of UN Convention on Long-Range Trans-boundary Air Pollution, LRTAP, (implemented by IVL), (5) Capacity building regarding efficient treatment at Urban Waste Water Treatment Plants and efficient use of phosphorus and nitrogen from sewage sludge, project discontinued, (6) Development of legal system and implementation regarding transboundary water management cooperation (implemented by ENVSEC, Environment and Security Initiative). Qualitative methods. Strategic Assessment Approach. The methodology also included formative policy dialogue with the leadership at the Ministry. Period 03/2014-07/2014.

Evaluation of Swedish Environmental Protection Agency´s 13 Research Programmes starting 2003 and 2006 respectively (2014)
Professional Management AB has been assigned to assess the following Swedish EPA supported research programmes initiated in 2003 and 2006 regarding the relevance and usefulness they acquired, and their implementation processes:

The evaluation was reported in 2014 and resulted in a number of recommendations for the design of future research programmes.

2001-2004 Management Consultant, Part-time

1998-2000 Junior Consultant